2020/2021 School Year

2020/2021 School Year


Located in South Anchorage

Located in South Anchorage

Classes begin January 7th, 2021 for 3 year old students! Pre-K classes have been in session since October.

Your kids are our top priority

Your kids are our top priority

We pride ourselves on the enriching and dynamic programs that we offer for our students.

Amazing Grace Lutheran Preschool is a great place for kids!

Amazing Grace Lutheran Preschool has been a part of our community since 1992. With a reputation as one of the premiere preschools in south Anchorage, we’ve discovered we never have to advertise. Our satisfied and enthusiastic parents do that for us!

Our Purpose is to provide a program for the preschool-aged child that:

  • Nurtures his/her mind, body, heart, and spirit

  • Introduces him/her to Christian values, theology, and ideas

  • Engages his/her natural curiosity about the world

  • Teaches him/her methods of healthy self-expression and social interaction

  • Invites him/her to participate in the life-long process of learning

The 2020/2021 School Year start dates have been changed to a staggered start due to the COVID-19 pandemic.    All Pre-K classes began October 1, 2020 and all 3 year old classes begin January 7, 2021.  For more information, please go to our registration page.

We are co-located with Amazing Grace Lutheran Church

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